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Facebook Will Start Monetizing Ads On WhatsApp Soon

When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook community for a multiples digit billion dollar cost, there were already fears that WhatsApp messenger would soon deliver advertising. in the last four years, Facebook now setup a plan to earn money by showing Advertisement on WhatsApp. Is this a very bad idea? or How WhatsApp will start showing live Ads?

Facebook Will Start Monetizing Ads On WhatsApp Soon

Facebook is getting serious regarding WhatsApp paying into the company purse, it is time to begin earning with the messenger app. the company has now declared this on its own blog. First, businesses should be provided with a tool to communicate better and more directly with users.

Companies can now promote there business on Facebook and link the channel in WhatsApp. This then lands to the user to an already opened WhatsApp chat with the business and gives companies the chance to deliver further advertising there. On the other hand, users can even ask the company themselves through the business page.

Companies can then respond at no cost if customers respond within 24 hours. However, if user fail to reply after 24 hours, Facebook will charge the business for the interaction cost. Hopefully, companies won't take advantage of the strategy and use chatbots to ensure a fast reaction.

Placing an Advertisement in WhatsApp status are going to be live from 2019

But that is not the only advertising opportunity which Facebook can provide other companies. From 2019, the first real WhatsApp ads will land in WhatsApp status in front of all WhatsApp users, as TechCrunch declared. As it's already been occured with Instagram stories, promotional stories would displayed between the stories of friends and family. These then link directly to websites and present offers, for instance.

One statement states that although WhatsApp is presently "not placing ads in status, it's one among the goals and achievement for 2019". but then it needs to "introduce them slowly and carefully and provide more details before ads are placed in status".

Advertising on WhatsApp is a bad idea?

At first glance, advertising for business chats does not seem so bad. you're already used to advertising on Facebook and anyone who would love to interact with the company directly (or perhaps with bots?) now has the opportunity to do so. Whoever does not want it, can simply ignore or skip the advert. And whoever has tried it once can still block the corresponding chat, the company says.


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